“We could all do with some more connection and affection in today’s world. My services are all designed to encourage touch, connection, companionship and community. Sharing love one person at a time”.


Social Companion

Connection, Companionship, Community

The Boyfriend Experience

I know sometimes it is difficult to meet people, find interesting dates or just someone fun to do interesting activities with. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a companion for weddings, office parties, social events, business trips and vacations? You might want to go see a movie or go out to a restaurant but don’t have anyone to go with; you might be looking for someone to give you a second opinion about a situation or just be a sounding board. Sometimes you’re lonely. Life is so much better when there is someone you can share it with. I’ve been there so I know how it feels.

Reasons we could meet include:

  • For simple companionship, to have someone to listen and talk to.

  • To have someone to accompany you to social functions.

  • To feel like you're desired, with someone paying attention to you and you alone.When dating is not a realistic option, due to career, time or other constraints.

  • To have a ‘plus one’ for an Oscars, or a Grammy after party.

  • To accompany you on a business trip and avoid having to sit by the bar for hours by yourself.

  • To have someone to share an experience with and celebrate a win. You can tell me the story 15 times if you like and we'll toast to you.

  • To have someone to cuddle with when you’re feeling down, who will make you feel like it'll all work out.


Men’s Bodywork Massage

Connection, Touch

relax, renew and reinvigorate

Massages are great for relaxation and by their very nature touch us physically, emotionally and sensually. Some days, you just want to set your burden down and let the worries of life just melt away for a while. Come in for a massage, lay down, and let my intuitive hands take over. Our session will typically start with getting my hands acquainted with your body and finding any problem areas without oils. Next, I'll start with long, oiled strokes, then begin focusing on problem areas using a variety of techniques. I generally draw on Swedish (kneading, friction, percussion, vibration, effleurage), longitudinal gliding, deep tissue, trigger point and myofascial release techniques.

Choose the type(s) of massage you want as well as how much pressure you would like - light, medium or deep.

All of this takes place in a zen, serene environment with amazing views, and with very relaxing music playing in the background. My goal is to make you feel relaxed, renewed and reinvigorated when you leave.

(Massage services are governed by the Massage Therapy Consent and Waiver Policy.)


Cuddle Therapy

Connection, Companionship, Touch

Cuddle Monster

If you’re recovering from a breakup; have made a choice to be single while you navigate through your feelings; if you’re craving intimacy without the expectation of sex - you might want a professional cuddler.

I’m a cuddle monster. I’ve always been. But cuddling has health benefits too. Body to body touch releases oxytocin, which helps us bond, and can lower anxiety, depression and blood pressure. When you’re cuddling, your body is relaxed and comfortable; a welcome break from the probably hectic nature of your daily life. Cuddling is bonding and relaxing. When you’re cuddled up with someone, your brain releases more oxytocin (the body’s anti-anxiety medication) than it would if you were doing anything else not love-related. Cuddling also releases the “happy hormone” serotonin, which, together with oxytocin, work to boost your immune system. Cuddling could, but doesn't have to lead to physical intimacy. Becoming aroused is completely natural and should not make you feel embarrassed - but you can switch positions or take a break if you feel awkward about it.

Do you need any more reasons to cuddle?

(Cuddle Therapy services are governed by the Cuddle Therapy Agreement and Waiver policy).


Private Tours

Companionship, Connection, Community

La La Land

L.A. is a large and sprawling city. How does one explore the almost 470 square miles of Los Angeles, The City of Angels? You get a personal tour guide. With an itinerary based on your personal interests and activity level, you get to connect with another person for companionship while you look beneath the glitz and glamor to see L.A. through the eyes of a local. That way you get to see so much more in a day than you otherwise would have.

Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Malibu…Los Angeles is a collection of world famous neighborhoods begging to be explored. If you're hoping to spot celebrities, see the sights or just get a feel for the city's famous haunts, a private Los Angeles tour will get you in the thick of things - fast!

Here are some itinerary ideas that we can personalize based on your peculiar needs:

  • Hollywood Highlights - explore the Hollywood neighborhood with its world famous landmarks

  • Essential LA - discover all the well-known places made famous by the movies

  • Culture Club - visit some of the outstanding art, museums and cultural icons of this creative city

  • Birds Eye View - escape the traffic and hustle and bustle and discover LA from above

  • Queer as Folk - get your gay on in LA’s boys’ town of West Hollywood (WeHo)

  • Trail Mix - lose yourself among the hiking trails of Griffith Park and reward yourself with stunning views

  • Beach Bum - get sand between your toes on the shores of Venice, Santa Monica, and Malibu Beaches

  • Eat L.A. - a gastronomic tour of some of the eateries that make Los Angeles a food destination

    (Private Tours are governed by the Private Tour Terms and Conditions).


Private Events

Community, Companionship, Connection

It’s a Kiki

Intimate gatherings are great opportunities for creating community, connection and touch. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous and would like to bring in some community, why not? The best part is that you wouldn’t have to lift a finger! All you have to do is let the party come to you and enjoy your company when they arrive. The best way to enjoy a party. Brunch, lunch, cocktails, dinner…what’s your fancy? Intimate parties of 2-8 guests are the ideal way to be able connect meaningfully with your friends and enjoy the community you’ve just created.


Special Requests

‘Thumbprint’ Service

All services are meant to be customized to your particular needs and fancies. If you would like a custom offering, or one which:

  • combines 2 or more standard services;

  • requires more than 4 hours;

  • includes travel; or

  • is not listed,

    do not hesitate to call + to discuss your needs and request a quote.